At the time of making medical gauze is what are the requirements?

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Medical gauze is a common medical dressings, is according to the international pharmacopoeia standard production, using pure cotton yarn as raw materials, processing using rope rinse and chlorine oxygen bleaching process. Medical gauze must go through strict testing and inspection before they go out, soft, absorbent strong, uniform weft density, tasteless, white without alkali, use safety. To reduce the discharge of pollutants, medical gauze production is produced bad cloth gauze is often the first high-temperature cylinder degreasing, and dewaxing, in addition to pulp, the vapor steaming, washing, bleaching and so on a series of process to complete, often is a process of pollutants to a section before, in order to ensure the gauze to reach the requirements of the national hygiene standards to ensure product quality, must use more water to clean. The making process of the medical gauze, gauze for 'alkali boil' is a very important section, the purpose is to remove the pulp in the grey, oil and wax, etc. , directly affect the quality of medical gauze, at the same time, this section of the pollutants, need special attention in the work. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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