Absorbent cotton gauze piece of specific processing technology

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Absorbent cotton gauze piece of commonly used in the medical industry, it is mainly used as a wound on the patients, so it must has the high quality of health, there can be bacteria or even viruses that infect the wounds of the injured and thus it will cause more bad results, so we in the production process has higher requirements and standards. First of all, on the choice of raw materials, the use of clean cotton wool, cotton wool refers to the cotton, the chemical treatment to remove fat easier than ordinary cotton absorption liquid, health supplies, is also used to make nitric acid fiber, from raw cotton by the removal of inclusions, degreasing, bleaching, washing, drying, finishing. Absorbent cotton for surface does not contain fat, have a good hydrophilicity, soaked in 75% alcohol for disinfection tampon. Absorbent cotton should be odourless, tasteless, no splash, has the very good water imbibition, slender fiber soft, elastic, white is easy to be layered, no harmful impurities such as acid, alkali, quality should accord with the technical standards established by the ministry of health. Absorbent cotton gauze piece is made with high quality cotton wool, after the injection of special solvents, heat treatment in the boiling water, then cool to wash, and finally to place it in a clean place after air disinfection sterilization, to ensure the quality of qualified rear can leave the factory. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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