About the description of the sterilization bags

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Sterilization bags category: sterilization bags ( Have directly called, sterile medical bag, disinfecting bag bag, medical bag, heat sealing bag, three-dimensional paper bag) Medical paper and plastic bags: medical dialysis paper + medical composite membrane of three side seal bag medical asepsis paper bag/disinfectant paper bag: medical dialysis medical dialysis paper medical paper + coating compound bag: medical composite membrane + medical composite membrane with dialysis bag, bag in sealing position is divided into: head, head bag such as aluminum foil bag easily torn bags and other bags of medical devices used for disinfection of medical packaging plastic materials ( PETG、PETA、PET、PS、PA等) By the cavity + medical dialysis paper blister material coating, composite aluminum foil material composition and so on. Medical dialysis paper packing: online medical dialysis base paper + coated with aldehyde color indicating medical sterilizing tube bag ( Alias: medical sterilizing volume bag, medical sterilizing tube bag, medical disinfecting bag) 。
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