A one-time intervention kits of high safety

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
One-time intervention within the high safety one-time intervention kits kits add with small sponge medicine cup, convenient performer abandoned surplus blood into the medicine cup and the abandoned a needle on the sponge, avoid needle stick injuries, reduce iatrogenic infection; The blade design for the blade, plastic handle high safety. Water disinfection pliers to sponge brush, avoid the waste of excess iodine volts, convenient doctors disinfection; Add white suction pad wipes, vampire, water absorption, break, prevent catheter, guide wire slip; Will need to repeatedly laid treatment towel instead small drapes, respectively in the right femoral artery, left femoral artery, the right radial artery puncture, adhesive fixed; Add two pieces of sheet in the operation, making the bed and cover private parts. Disposable kits all material selection to two or morethings waterproof, soft, break, water absorption, heat preservation, etc. Relevant tags: disposable kits factory, disposable kits manufacturer, disposable kits wholesale
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